Wisconsin Weimaraners

Wisconsin Weimaraners was formed for our love of this alluring “Grey Ghost”. Looking for a champion hunting Companion, a stunning show dog, or the loyalty of a wonderful family friend? Built for speed, strength, courage, and versatility this loving family dog will capture your heart in every way. Our dedication is to continue to breed only from the best and purest bloodlines.

Why Choose Us

Health Guarantee

When you choose Wisconsin Weimaraners, you can trust that your new furry friend comes with a comprehensive health guarantee.

No Puppy Mills

Each of our purebred pups are born into a loving family environment.

About Us

We fell in love with this breed because of the inherent grace, strength, beauty, intelligence, fearlessness, and complete loyalty of the Weimaraner. These traits can easily make anyone understand the love for a Weim.

Our dogs and puppies are not raised in a typical kennel setting. They are whelped in our home and raised in a personal environment, with plenty of land to run, train, and play. We believe that no dog should ever be confined to a kennel run, away from interaction with people and other dogs.

Available Puppies

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