About Us

About Us

Discover the enchanting world of Weimaraners at Wisconsin Weimaraners – where elegance, strength, and unwavering loyalty come together. Our mission is to provide a loving home environment for purebred and healthy Weimaraner puppies, ready for adoption.

Unlike conventional kennels, our Weims are raised in a personal and interactive setting. With ample land to roam, train, and play, these majestic creatures thrive in a social environment.

Ensuring the well-being of our dogs is our top priority. We provide them with exceptional veterinary care, a specialized diet recommended by professionals, top-quality supplements, and an abundance of exercise. Each breeding undergoes rigorous OFA certifications, ensuring the continuation of only the finest bloodlines. Furthermore, we emphasize crucial training skills including potty-training, socialization, and basic commands.

At Wisconsin Weimaraners, we foster strong bonds between our puppies and their future owners. We warmly invite you to visit our home, meet your new furry companion, and witness firsthand where our beloved Weims call home. Additionally, we regularly update our Facebook page with adorable pictures and videos, allowing you to watch your puppy grow during their first 8 weeks while being weaned. Feel free to visit your puppy as often as you like!

To facilitate a seamless transition into your home, our puppies are socialized with children of all ages and other dogs from day one. They come with an all-inclusive health guarantee, complete with thorough health checks, vaccinations, deworming, dewclaw removal, tail docking (for shorthairs), and microchipping. As an added bonus, we provide a bag of food for you to take home!

Health Guarantee

When you choose Wisconsin Weimaraners, you can trust that your new furry friend comes with a comprehensive health guarantee.

Exams Performed

Our trusted veterinarians conduct thorough health checks to ensure the well-being of each puppy.

Help & Care

We are always available to offer assistance and address any concerns you may have..

Many Happy Owners

Interested in hearing about the experiences of our adoptive families? We would be delighted to connect you.

Our Mission

At Wisconsin Weimaraners, our mission is to provide a loving and enchanting experience for both our beloved Weims and adopting families. We are dedicated to connecting our beautiful puppies with loving homes, where they can bring joy and companionship to their new families. With a commitment to raising our dogs in a personal environment, we prioritize their health, happiness, and socialization. From proper veterinarian care to socializing with children and other dogs, we ensure that our puppies are well-prepared for a seamless transition into their forever homes. Trust Wisconsin Weimaraners to bring purebred and healthy puppies into your life, creating a lifelong bond filled with love and loyalty.

Our Mission

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